A Skydiving Team


With Bold Goals

South African National Champions in 4-Way Formation Skydiving in 2013, 2014 & 2015.

Our Mission

Have Fun. Perform Well. Develop SA Skydiving.

We participate in this sport because it’s insanely fun. Add in some of the best people you will find anywhere and it becomes hard to find anything else we would rather do. So the mission is definitely more fun!

Our goal is to keep getting better. We strive for constant improvement and dedicate countless hours of training and preparation to make tiny improvements wherever we can. It’s a endless journey, but that’s part of the fun.

We aspire to develop South African skydiving and pass our learning on to newer jumpers. South Africa was once a powerhouse in Formation Skydiving and our goal is to assist in the journey back there one day.

In the beginning

The SAVOLO 4-Way Formation Skydiving team was founded in 2012. Our objective was to create a team that would love training and competing together and could stay together for a while and build some history and experience. We competed at the South African Skydiving Nationals in 2012 where we placed second.

The same lineup continued for another season and after only a handful of jumps due to Alex living and working in Dubai at the time once again competed at Nationals in 2013 where we placed 1st, becoming the national champions.

We replaced a team member for the next season and went on to win the 2014 National Championships and competed at the World Championships the same year.

Most recently we won the 2015 national championships and are currently in training for the 2016 National Championships and hopefully the 2016 World Championships.

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